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You can buy tickets and extensive maps at any News stand at Termini ( or even elsewhere).
Most of the taxi drivers you will meet In Rome will be Honest and professional. So chances are
you may not need the information below, but do take the time to read it because it may avoid
you from getting caught to any scams and/ or being paranoid of getting scammed.
1) Get a taxi from an official taxi rank – This will lower the chance of you getting an unregistered
taxi which is notorious for not playing by the rules.
2)It's great if you have ordered a registered taxi. But it will arrive with a few euros already on the
meter. In this case, the driver is not trying to cheat you. Most drivers will start the meter from the
moment they get the call.
3) It may be a little difficult to hail a taxi off the road, especially during the night. So in such an
event, calling may be your only option.
4) Taxis in Rome usually arrive in just a couple of minutes of calling. So make sure you call
them when you're ready to leave. Or else, it may be the case that they arrive, look for you, and
leave before you even get there.
5) Have small change on you – The more coins you have, the better. Drivers don't always have
smaller notes and coins to give you. Also, sometimes they may use the “I don't have money trick
to pocket the extra”
6) Don't take a ride with a driver who approaches you first – Though not always the case, if
someone is hawking a cab, chances are they are trying to take advantage.
7) A negotiated flat rate is an elevated rate – Always ask for a metered fare. Most legitimate
drivers will not try to negotiate anyway – unless you're asking for a very long trip.8) Make sure the meter is running. If the driver says it's broken, ask to get out of the taxi. 99% of
the time, this Is a ploy to make you pay more.
9) Taxis licensed by the City of Rome are white and have a sign bearing taxi on their roofs. The
symbol of the Rome city council is clearly visible on the front doors and the license inside the
back left. Other vehicles are usually driven by unauthorized persons
10) Know your destination address in Italian – Rome is a confusing city and not all taxi drivers
will speak english.
11) Don't panic if you feel like you're getting “the scenic route” - There is a chance that the driver
may be taking advantage of you. But most roads in Rome are one way and winding, so it's
hardly possible to take a route that feels direct.
13) Some extra charges are legitimate -
*A taxi fare within the city starts at around 2.80 euros from 07.00-22.00. But on sundays it will
start from 4 euros and after 22.00 it will be 5.80 euros.
* If you start from Termini, there is a 2 euro surcharge.
* You will be charged 1 euros each per piece of luggage that needs to go in the trunk
14) A small Tip is ok, but not necessary – At most, italians will round up the money if for
example they give 10 euros for a trip that cost 9.50, and tell them to keep the change. Or if the
driver helps you with your luggage, consider tipping with 1-2 euros.
15) Fares will be based on the following criteria.
16) You could expect a 10% fee reduction to the amount displayed, if your journey is to a
hospital or if you are a woman traveling alone at night. There is also a fee reduction foryoungsters leaving discos on friday and saturday night subject to prior agreement with the club
in question.
17) If you're taking a taxi from the airport, the city has set certain flat rates. It is 30 euros from
ciampino to the city and 50 euros from fiumicino. This includes all extra charges.You should not
receive any other price.
19) The rome city council number to call for a taxi is 060609. However, they will only answer in
20) The website will let you know which taxi companies will have drivers
that speak english, and their other services.
21) In the event of a dispute, you may call Traffic wardens at the number 066 710 4282 or send
an email to
22) Complaints/ demands for compensation can be sent to Dipartimento Mobilita e Trasporti,
Commissione di Granzia, via Capitan Bavastro 94,00154 Roma.
23) There is a priority taxi for women if you dial 1 in front of the usual number, which arrives
You can call/ text radio taxi companies at (+39) 063570, 6645, 8822, 4157, 4994, 5551
Rome has 2 airports.
* Fiumicino ( Leonardo da Vinci), is the larger of the 2 airports and is usually used for both
domestic ( Italy and inside Europe), as well as International flights.In order to get to Fiumicino, you have a couple of options. But please note, you may NOT use
Rome public transport passes to access either of these airports.
1) The first option is – a taxi. Although this option is recommended if you have a lot of luggage
or If you're quite late to catch your flight, it tends to be quite expensive.
2) The second option is to take the express train from Stazione Termini. This takes around 30
minutes, and you may also expect a train to arrive and depart from Termini every 30 minutes.
One way fare is 14 euros per adult. Tickets are available at the counter as well as Termini news
stands. Tickets sold at the departure platform are more expensive.
At the airport the train station is well signposted within the passenger terminals and is a 5-10
minute walk. The station will have 3 platforms and other local trains will terminate here too. So
be sure to check which platform the next leonardo express train departs from.
First departure from Roma Termini – 5.50 and last at 22.50.
First departure from Fiumicino – 6.38 and last at 23.38
At termini, all trains will arrive and depart from platform 25 in the main area of the station, close
to the left luggage section.
You must get your ticket stamped and validated in a yellow validation machine just before using.
Tickets expire thirty minutes after validation.
A popular option if you have 30 minutes to spare,and also if you have a small amount of
luggage. It gets tricky if you have more, as you have to hang on to them the whole train journey.
3) FR1 local train – One way fare is 7 euros and can be accessed using the tiburtina train
station. It terminates at Fiumicino and provies a stopping service circling around the city.
4) Airport bus services – There are 4 different shuttle bus lines from Roma Termini, managed by
different companies. They will cost 4-5 euros for a one way journey, although an onlinepurchase is likely to save you even more money. Also, if you order online with certain buses,
you can select an individual departure time which reserves you a seat on the bus, but in the
event you missed the bus you booked, the ticket will still be valid for a later departure. The
duration of the journey is 50-70 minutes.
At Roma Termini the buses will have stops in the streets surrounding Roma Termini. Most bus
companies will simply have a stop on the road, and tickets can be purchased from an employee
just before getting on the bus. Terravision however, has a Terracafe shop, where you can get
snacks, coffee etc and also a ticket office.
At Fiumicino, all buses are present at small bus station to the west of Terminal 3 ( all terminals
at fiumicino are joined together so that you cannot go outside until you reach the bus station. )
Bear in mind that the bus station lacks facilities such as seats, toilets, cafe's so in case you
need to get something to eat you need to head back to the passenger terminals.
Some bus lines will provide you with a non-stop service, while the others will make a couple of
stops. Also children under 5 will usually travel for free and with some buses, there will be no
formal luggage limit!!.
You can find SIT on the east side of the station, by the main exit close to via Marsala.
T.A.M, Terravision and Atral have stops on the road that runs down the western side of the
Termini station, Via Giolitti.
You will usually find buses at Fiumicino between 5.35-23.00
You will usually find buses at Roma Termini between 4.40-21.50
* Ciampino – Generally used by budget airlines and for domestic flights.
1) Train – The train station closest to ciampino ( Casabianca station) is not right at the airport.
You need to take a bus – called cotral or schiffini from the airport. They depart every 30 minutes
and the drive to the train station will be around 5-10 minutes. The fare for a one way ride willonly be 1 euro. From there the train will take you to Roma Termini within approximately 15
minutes. Ticket prices for this option is 1.50 euros, making it the cheapest way to get to and
from ciampino. However, if you have a lot of luggage, the next option may be more suitable.
2) Bus – There are 4 shuttle buses again – cotral, atral, SIT and Terravision. They all cost about
5 euros for a one way trip again, and will take about 30 minutes to reach Roma Termini,
depending on Traffic.
There will be kiosks advertising said buses, as soon as you come out of baggage claim. Check
with each kiosk as to when their next bus is leaving, so that you can buy a ticket to the bus
which will leave first. You can buy your ticket at the kiosk and they will also lead you to where
you need to catch the bus.
Public Transport
Public transport tickets are valid for all city public transport, such as City buses, Trams and
The ticket options you have are,
1) BIT standard ticket – Costs 1.50 euros each. Valid for one metro ride and or/ 100 minutes on
all buses and trams.
2) The day ticket– Costs 7 euros each. Valid for unlimited metro, bus and tram travel within
Rome for 24 hours from validation.
3) The 2 day ticket – Costs 12.50 euros each. Valid for unlimited metro, bus and tram travel
within Rome for 48 hours from validation.
4) The 3 day ticket – Costs 18 euros each. Valid for unlimited metro, bus and tram travel within
Rome for 72 hours from validation.
5) The weekly ticket. - Costs 24 euros and is valid for 7 calander days.
6) The monthly ticket – Valid for 1 month. You can get this ticket before the 5th of each month at
newstands and tobacconists. After this date you can only purchase them at ATAC ticket offices.There are 2 types of monthly passes.
* Ordinario Personale – Non transferable and you must write your name on it, in pen. The cost
is 30 euros.
* Ordinario Impersonale – A shared pass not associated with any one person. Convenient if only
one person in a group is travelling at a time. Cost is 46 euros.
7) The annual pass – Costs 250 euros and is valid for 365 days from the date stamped on the
Public transport is free for all children under 10 years of age.
You can purchase your tickets from multilingual ticket vending machines present at any metro
station, newsstands, tobacconists etc. There are also manned ticket counters at key stations (
where only italian is usually spoken). You can also buy the standard BIT ticket once inside
buses or trams from a machine.
Sometimes at the back of your ticket, you could find certain discounts ( for example, a 2 for 1
discount to the hydromania water park)!!
Getting the annual transport card
You can get this card at the ATAC office at Termini. Ask them for an Abbonamento and be
ready to provide your passport and codice fiscale. Make the payment upfront and you will
receive the the card then and there.
Validating your ticket and Public Transport Fines​ .
When you first purchase a travel ticket, it is blank. It is up to you to activate it by validating it.On metro lines the ticket becomes automatically activated when you pass through the ticket
barriers for the first time. In buses and trams there is a validating machine . It is your duty to
insert your pass into the machine to get it validated.
Other than the standard ticket, which is only valid for 100 minutes, all other tickets are valid from
the date stamped to the number of calendar days the pass is for. For example, if you bought a 3
day ticket and got it stamped on Monday at 14.00, It will expire on Wednesday midnight, and not
at Thursday 14.00.
Showing a ticket inspector an unvalidated ticket is no different to having no ticket at all.
In Rome, you will not be checked to see whether you have a ticket or whether your ticket is
validated every day. Instead, ATAC will send ticket inspectors on random days, at random times
and they will get onto the bus/tram at random stops ( although you will be more likely to
encounter them at major stops such as Verano, Roma Termini, Porta Maggiore etc). They will
not necessarily check every single person on the bus/tram either ( although they will do this
However, if you do not have a ticket at the moment or if you have an unvalidated ticket, they will
give you 2 options. One is to pay 50 euros to them on the spot. In case you do not have 50
euros with you at the time, you will be required to pay 100 euros to them later.
Tickets for Sapienza students
According to the sapienza website the annual pass is available to sapienza students for
130-150 euros, depending on the ISEE (terms and conditions apply)
Discounted annual metrebus passes can also be purchased by sapienza students provided that,
* Their ISEE does not exceed 20,000 euros.
* A registered resident of the city of Rome OR a laziodisu/ casa dello studente scholarship
holder.* 26 years old or younger.

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