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General student life in rome?

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Re: General student life in rome?

Postby Question » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:30 am


I cannot answer all of your questions, though there will be people along to do so shortly.
The question as to which city would appeal to you most is very subjective. If you prefer to live in a big city, you could go to Napoli, Rome I, or Milan; all of these are very busy places.
You would want to avoid Pavia (small town), Rome II (outskirts of Rome), and Bari (almost a city, but not quite).

In general, Italy is, on average, more conservative as you go south, more liberal or free thinking as you go north. The age on the course varies, but if you took the average, it would probably be mid to low 20s, with a few in the high 20s and even some in their 30s. This is typical for medical courses though from what I understand.

Your question about housing I must answer in the negative.. housing is not part of the university in Italy, though you can arrange to rent an apartment with someone else.

The course at La Sapienza (and at most of these programs in Italy) is very diverse. The largest group tends to be Italians, for obvious reasons, but there are people from India, Turkey, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, Portugal, and, yes, obviously the UK.
I recommend if you are intent on coming to Italy, studying some Italian beforehand, as although the course is in English, the country is not.

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