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Esoneri and Esami: what is the difference?

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Esoneri and Esami: what is the difference?

Postby EdoardoTB » Sat Dec 27, 2014 11:23 am

Esami is the Italian term for Exam.

Esonero is literally translated as "Exemption". This "Exemption" is basically a piece of the whole "Exam". This is meant to help students out when the whole content of the exam is really a lot, especially when the course lasts more than 1 semester.

The course of Human Anatomy, for example, lasts 3 semesters. The exam of Human Anatomy is indeed divided into 3 "Exemptions". Human Anatomy I includes the musculoskeletal apparatus and the circulatory system. Your final score is not necessarily the mathematical average of the 3 scores you got, since each "Exemption" may have different workloads. The workload is theoretically expressed in the numbers of "Credits" aka "CFUs", however - by experience - I can easily tell you that

CFUs are NOT a reliable parameter you should be using when evaluating the workload of an exam. Exams with few CFUs might be exceedingly more difficult than others with more CFUs. This is because CFUs are just a mere measure of the number of hours of lessons/practical activity, but of course this tells nothing about the complexity of the subject.

Physics is a clear example of a few-hours, yet very difficult exam.

There is one important thing you should keep in mind though. In a previous topic I wrote that you can decide when to sit an exam, regardless of when lessons are given: viewtopic.php?f=95&t=656 For example you may decide to sit Physics in June or July and this makes absolutely no difference in terms of grades or whatsoever.
However, this does not always apply to "Exemptions". In fact, "Exemptions" might be offered in specific exam sessions ONLY.

Human Anatomy I "Exemption" is offered in each session: Feb, June, July, etc...

Biology and Genetics I "Exemption" is offered in the February session ONLY (unless things have changed in these years. Ask your Professor.). If you decide to skip it, you won't be able to sit the "Exemption" later, which means that you will be tested on the whole exam content in June, July or later.

Sitting the whole exam is not necessarily a bad decision, since it really depends on how you planned your exams schedule throughout your 1st year.

If you don't know what I am talking about, please take a look at:

Edoardo, 4th medical student (now spending my 4th year abroad!)

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