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Accomodation: find the right one (2)

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Accomodation: find the right one (2)

Postby EdoardoTB » Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:08 pm

When choosing a new room, there are so many things to pay attention to. In fact, if you should have the misfortune to pick up the wrong one, you may spend terrible months. This list will help you out in your selection process. Of course, it is unlikely that your accommodation will satisfy all of the following criteria. So, just pick up the essential ones (in your opinion):

- Is the apartment located in front of a major road, disco, pub, airport or railway station?
- Is your room located next to the kitchen, toilet or any other source of noise during the night (e.g. washing machine!)?
- Are the fixtures new? Are they provided with double glasses?
- What about the thickness of the walls? Does your flatmate's Hi-fi/TV disturb you with the door closed?

- How many persons live in the apartment?
- Do they smoke?
- Do they have pets?
- Are they students or workers?
- Their routines/habits?
- Have they set any rule?
- Is the apartment clean? Who is responsible for cleaning? How often?
- Who is the landlord/lady of the apartment? Does he or she live in the same flat? Is he or she dependable and helpful?

- Is the toilet private? If not, is the persons-to-toilet ratio larger than 2?
- Is there a window? If not, is there a fan?
- Bath tub or shower?
- Standard WC or Sanitrit-based WC? (The latter type of WC is far less popular and breaks down much more easily)
- Hot water: gas or electricity? (Gas is much better! With an electricity-based heating system, you may run out of hot water after one single shower)

- Is the exposure of the room to sun light good enough? (High exposure to sun light may be preferable, but it also implies a very hot room during the late spring/summer period)
- Air conditioning?
- Wardrobe?
- Desk?
- Shelf?
- 24h Wi-fi connection? Is the Wi-fi connection satisfactory in your room? Does it really work well 24/7?
- Single or double bed?
- Balcony?
- TV?

- Is there a washing machine?
- Is there a dishwasher? (quite rare...)
- Is there a dryer for the laundry? If not, where can you hang out the clothes? (try to avoid your room!)
- Has the refrigerator enough space for everyone?
- Microwave?
- Oven?
- What about dishes/cutlery/tableware? Is the kitchen really furnished?
- Enough shelves?

- Terrace?
- Elevator?
- Doorman?
- Is your apartment located on the first floor/mezzanine/basement?
- Is the apartment new or has it been recently renovated?

- University (if distant > 5kms, are you really sure? Connections in Rome are not very good compared to other European cities)
- Supermarket
- Gyms, etc...

We hope that this topic was helpful.
Thanks to Giulia, Piero, Claudio, Fabio and Rita for the suggestions.

Good luck,
Your colleagues at IMS
Edoardo, 4th medical student (now spending my 4th year abroad!)

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