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If your private health insurance only covers medical care for a 3 month period, you can register with the Italian National Health Service from the 91st day onwards.

The NHS gives you the same status as any Italian national in terms of access to medical services. They include,

* Access to a general practitioner whose services are free of charge.

* Free access to first aid hospital services.

* Access to day hospitals.

* Access to surgical procedures in all public structures.

* Access to blood tests and other analyses, examinations and specialist visits for which you must pay a reduced fee.

All foreigners have the right to claim for damages through an Italian lawyer for any accidents that they may suffer.

In order to register with the NHS, an annual tax of 149 euros is needed. You can make the payment at any post office to Amministrazione P.T – Contributo Servizio Sanitario Naionale. The C/C number is 370007.

When you make the payment you will have to fill in a MODELLO F24 form. You are also required to specify the reason for your payment. This should be “Iscrizione volontaria al servizio sanitario nazionale”.

In order to use the NHS, visit a local health unit (ASL) in your area or residence ( Municipality) with your NHS tax receipt (which is the proof of payment), valid passport, permesso di soggiorno or receipt of the permesso di soggiorno. Here you will be able to select your general physician from a list of doctors in your area of residence. Try to do a little research about the general practitioners before selecting your doctor. If you are dissatisfied with your doctor you have the right to change doctors once a year.

Documents required for registration are as follows;

1) Certificate of residence or the application receipt from the municipality. This should be the permesso di soggiorno for non european students.

2) Valid identity card and/ or passport

3) Codice fiscale.

4) Name of selected general practitioner.

5) Payment of 149.77 euros to the postal office on C/C n.370007

6) Certificate of enrollment in a legally recognized university ( or self certification).

However bear in mind that the national health insurance expires at the end of each calendar year, regardless of when you signed up for it.

Also, although visits to your family doctor are free you will have to make co-payments for prescribed medication. If the cost of the medication is less than 5 euros you pay 2.50 euros and if the cost exceeds 5 euros you pay 4 euros.

Scans and examinations recommended by the family doctors will cost around 36-51 euros depending on the nature of examination that is undertaken.

Pregnant women/ chronically ill patients/ disabled individuals may register with their ASL for exemption from these charges.

In Italy, Dental appointments and orthodontic services are not covered by the national health service and the full cost of the procedure will be borne by the patient.

The national health service should cover all your needs, if you simply suffer from the occasional flu. But if you require some ongoing specialist care, you should take into consideration that appointments with specialists may sometimes take up to months and still require co-payments. In this case it may be better to sign up for a private health insurance or remain on your home country's national health scheme through which you may be reimbursed for medical services in Italy.

Private Health Insurance

If you wish to sign up for a health insurance that will give you coverage for 365 days regardless of when you sign up for it, you may apply for a private health insurance. There is an English speaking insurance office called Assitalia at Via Cesare Fracassini 13 (walking distance from flaminio metro station.) The only document you need is your passport/ ID card. The cost for this type of insurance is 98 euros.

Assitalia is recommended because it accounts for urgent medical assistance in the emergency room of any hospital.

Health Emergencies

For health emergencies you should call 118. This is the medical emergency toll free number ( pronto soccorso). Alternatively, you may also go to a hospital first aid centre.

The staff there will assign you a colour code, based on the seriousness of your condition. Patients will be treated in order of assigned code, not arrival.

If the medical staff assigns you a white code, the wait could be very long.

Also you should take your health care card ( tessera sanitaria) and residence permit with you.

Medical Emergencies in the evening

Call 118 or go to a hospital first aid centre.

The “Guardia Medica” will be open 24 hours a day. Bring your residence permit and health care card with you.

For minor health problems

For minor ailments such as the flu, cold etc you should visit your general practitioner. Visits to the GP are free provided that you have registered with the NHS.

For this too, you must bring your tessera sanitaria and your residence permit.

For Specialist Visits

For visits to the gynecologist, dermatologist etc your general practitioner will provide you with a referral called a ticket

You need to book an appointment for this through the dedicated CUP 80 33 33 call centre.

You need to provide the operator with your personal details, including your codice fiscale and other information specified on the ticket. Be sure to get a booking number from the operator before you hang up.

Again for the medical appointment, take your residence permit and health card with you.


Pharmacies or Farmacie are marked with a red or green neon cross sign. They will usually be open from 8.30-13.00 and then from 16.00-19.30

There is a rotation system for nights and holidays and each pharmacy lists the closest open pharmacy.

In pharmacies you will find over the counter medication for minor illnesses like colds and pains.

Useful contacts

1) Outpatient clinics for foreigners

Presidio Nuovo Regina Margherita

Via Emilio Morosini 30, 00153 Roma.

Telephone (+39) 06 773 066 50

Opening times – Monday to friday 08.00-20.00

This emergency outpatient clinic caters specifically for tourists and foreigners in need of urgent medical care.

2) Referral centre for the Lazio Region

San Gallicano Hospital

Via delle Fratte di Trastevere 52, 00153 Roma ( ground level)

Telephone - (+39) 06 585 437 31

Opening times -

Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday – 08.00- 13.00 ( reception hours – 08.00-11.00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 08.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00 ( reception hours – 08.00-11.00 and 14.00 – 17.00)

The Referral center for the Lazio region is organized by the NHP – National Institute for health migration and poverty.

NHP services are open for Italian and foreign citizens with health problems, particularly those affected with dermatological, infectious, ophthalmic, gynecological, neuropsychiatric, psychological, internal and surgical disorders.

The services of the outpatient department can be accessed directly. No reservation or doctor's referral is needed.

Medical Prescription is optional.

Before your medical examination, you could use the cultural mediation service that can provide you with information and answer your questions in over 30 languages.

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