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All essential information for freshmen.
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Codice Fiscale
This is an alphanumerical tax code and is needed for the residence permit, to open a bank
account, get an Italian sim card (only some operators) etc.
To obtain this you could either,
1) Apply for one at your embassy/consulate where you applied for Visa. In case you
embassy doesn’t provide you with one or it is taking too long you could try the next
2) If you get your travel visa well in advance of your travel date, you could send a
scanned copy of your passport and visa to . They will then email you a
copy of the application form and give further instructions. This option is better than the next one
if you do not know any Italian. The application form is in Italian and this will give you some time
to get some help from someone who knows the language.
3) Go directly to the ‘agenzia delle entrate’ once you arrive in Rome. It is located on Via Ippolito
Nievo, 36. It is located about 500m from the Trastevere train station and can be reached by
tram line 8, bus line 3 or 780 which stop at piazza Ippolito Nievo. Or you could take the metro on
Line B towards Laurentina and get off at the Piramide stop.
Then you cross the road to get to the bus stop to get bus 3B, and get off at Ippolito Nievo.
The wait at the agenzia tends to be quite long, so it's advisable to go there as early as possible.
Opening times of agenzia delle entrate
Website –
You can get an application form at the information desk. The staff will also give you a number.
You will then have to proceed to the waiting area where you can fill out your form and. There will
be a screen that flashes which number is being serviced and at which desk ( sportello ).
Once your number flashes on the screen you may proceed to the next section and go to your
designated desk.
They may request to check your passport copy, photocopy of visa, copy of proof of enrollment
at university.
Information you will have to have ready when filling out your application form – Your address in
You will be given a printout which will serve as your temporary codice fiscale until you receive
the real card in the mail. This printout will suffice for many things that you need to get done in
Residence Permit
All non European foreigners that plan to reside in italy for a period greater than 3 months must
apply for a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno). Ideally and by definition, an application
for the residence permit should be made within 8 days of arriving in Italy. However practically
speaking, there have been many of our colleagues who applied for the residence permit after
the 8 day threshold, without facing any problems, and honestly, as long as your study visa is
valid, the lack of a permit shouldn’t be of any problem. Just remember the ideal is within 8 days.
Also, the sooner you get it done, the better it is as this won’t be an added distraction once
lectures start.
1) You have to start the process by going to any post office (there is a poste italiane inside the
university near Viale Regina Elena. It is open till around 2pm and another one in termini that
opens past 7pm. There is also a branch near piazza bologna). You should ask for a permesso
di soggiorno kit (which is free of charge). Inside the kit you will find all the instructions you need
to fill up your form as well as the form itself. Make sure you fill in the form using a black pen.
2) As you will find out in the instruction booklet inside the residence permit kit, you also need to
make copies of things like your passport ( it is actually specified that you copy all pages of your
passport), student visa,letter of enrollment to Sapienza, health insurance, proof of housing etc
and attach these to your application.
3) Once this is done, you will need to buy a Marca da bollo from any
tobacconist (called tabaccheria). You will find many around the piazza
bologna area close by to the university. It costs 16 euros and you have to
stick it on to the form.
4) Once you've done all this, you can to take your application back to the
post office and pay 30 euros for the postal service and 107.5 euros for the
procedure that will give you residency up to one year. There is a separate
form inside the kit for this.
5) Once you pay, the post office will give you a receipt as well as a letter with the date and time
for your appointment at the Immigration Office for fingerprinting. Make sure you save all the
documents given by the post office as you will need all of these for your appointment.
6) Your appointment will be approximately a month from the date when you
posted your application. Along with the documents given by the post office,
you must also take 4 recent passport sized photographs with a white background. Also it would
better to take copies of all the documents you posted (passport copy, copy of
student visa, letter of enrollment to sapienza, health insurance, proof of housing) 7) The address
of the Immigration Office is Questura di Roma – Divisione
Straineri, Via T. Teofilo Patini, 23, 00155 Roma. It would also be printed on
the letter given to you by the post office. The easiest route would be to take
the metro line B all the way to Rebibbia. Then get a bus going towards the
Immigration Office. Alternatively you could also ask by word of mouth or by
checking a mobile app such as:
Probus Rome/ Muoversi Roma or Google Maps
8) Please note that at the Questura, the queue for obtaining the residence permit
(at least at the time of writing) is the one on the outside of the building. The
uniformed guards will instruct you in what to do further.
9) Once you have given the fingerprints, the Questura will mail the residence permit
to the nearest police station (it is advised to ask it to be sent to the police station in
Sapienza for easy collection). You will be able to collect it from the post office after
approximately 45 days.
* In case you miss the appointment for fingerprinting, you have to get another date
by going to the Immigration Office, and explaining the situation to one of the people
behind the counters. This process itself is not so difficult, but your next appointment
will be about a month later, so try not to let this happen.
You have to reapply for your residence permit for the next year, 60 days before
the expiration of your first residence permit.
**The postal receipt given to you will serve as formal proof that you have applied for the
residence permit. It will also allow you to travel within the schengen area while your waiting for
the official residence permit card.
Reapplying for the residence permit.
You have to reapply for your residence permit for the following year, 60 days before
the expiration of your first residence permit.
The process is very similar to the first one. But some things you fill in the application form will be
slightly different, but you can ask this from Hello office or any institute you decide to get help
You must send proof that you have passed at least one subject from first year. You can print
such a document from infostud or alternatively ask Hello office to print it out for you.
Also you must attach copies of proof of health insurance, and a copy of your current permesso
di soggiorno.
If there is a delay in receiving your new permesso and you need to travel, you are allowed to
travel to travel out of the schengen territory and back to Italy, as long as you produce the
expired permesso, your passport and the letter provided by the post office. When travelling you
must make sure to get your post office letter stamped at immigration, on both journeys. However
you are not allowed to travel within the schengen region other than Italy, not even to transit, until
you get your new permesso.

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