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Enrollment Procedure

If you are a foreign student

The office you must attend is the the foreign students office.

Mandatory documents you need will include,

1) Student registration code. You will receive this once you register on infostud ... istrazione.

2) Student visa.

3) The declaration of value issued by the relevant Italian consulate and legalized
certificates of your high school diploma.

If you still haven't made your declaration of value the process is similar to what is listed below ( the example given below is for getting the declaration of value from the UK).

Dichiarazione di Valore (DV)

The DV is a document stating that your High school achievements are equivalent to Italian high school. You will need it to complete enrollment. This must be obtained from the embassy where your exam board belongs to. (For example, if you are a Swiss national but went to a British school with examinations provided by Edexcel /OCR/Cambridge etc, you must obtain your DV via the Italian embassy in Britain-not Switzerland).

1) What you need – The Italian consulate in London requires that you have 6 passes in subjects out of which 3 must be related to the field you are intending to study. This
could be interpreted as 3 GCSE/ISCSE/GCE-O levels and 3 AS/A2 level subjects.*

Make multiple photocopies of your certificates pertaining to these exams before you start the process.

2) Certification – Take the originals and photocopies of your certificates to a practicing notary or solicitor in the UK, to obtain certified copies of the certificates. They should add their name, address, contact details and date to the certificate.

Make sure you read all the information on the FCO website to find out exactly what they want ( If you are living abroad/did your exams abroad, it may be difficult to get in touch with a lawyer practicing in the UK. In this case the legalization office mailed me stating that you could also get certify them by getting originals signed by the British council of your country OR by an official of the British Embassy/Consular representative of your country. When I inquired into these options I was informed by the Birtish embassy that they had no power to undertake notarial acts, and the British council could only certify copies, and not the original certificates. However you may be interested in looking into these options).

Note – I also heard that if you have many certificates that need certifying, it may be
possible for your lawyer to certify them as a bound set, with all the certificates ideally
in chronological order. This way you will only need one apostille as opposed to many,
and therefore be able to save money. As I personally didn’t hear about this before
completing legalization, I can’t say whether this method will be acceptable for the
London consulate, so please email and ask for yourself.

3) Legalization – Send the solicitor signed copies of your certificates to the Foreign and Commonwealth office in Milton Keynes for authentication of the Solicitor’s signature.

Read the above link for details regarding payment and other information. Note that
they have stated that it can take up to 48 days to legalize the document. Please do
not use this as a guideline when planning the other parts of your application and
account for any delays and courier/postage delays.

4) Translation – Translate the legalized copies of your certificates, once you receive
them. Some embassies have a list of approved translators, others don’t. Check with
your embassy.

If you did your exams abroad, you may need to get your certificates back in order
to get them translated and then get them counter signed by the embassy where
you did the exams, before sending them to the Italian consulate in London to get
your DV. There is a possibility that you can still get your DV without doing this
step. Check ... eri/1.html to be sure.

5) Obtaining the Declaration of Value – You will need,
Application form for the DV (download it from the website)
The certified photocopies, legalized with the apostille.
An Original letter issued by the secondary school you attended. It must state that
you were a student at the relevant institution.
Proof of payment of consular fees or supporting documentation if the DV is
requested free of charge. For payment details send an email to

For international delivery – payment of registered post, as well as an envelope
with the address to where the DV and the documents should be sent to.
Please take a look at the relevant websites: ... ration-of-
value and the official website of London consulatehttp://www.conslondra.esteri.i ... ttadini/St
udi/Dichiarazioni_di_valore/ )
Also, email them before sending any documents, to be up to date with any new
requirements. Also please note that the consulate In London can be extremely
busy at certain times, so please give yourself ample time to do this.

* These requirements differ from one country to another. Check with your embassy for updated guidelines.

3) Copy of your identity card or passport.

If you are a Non-Eu resident living abroad you also need,

1) Copy of your Student Visa. You must have a student visa or else they will not enrol you.

2)Copy of your residence permit – Provide them with a copy once you receive it.

Visiting hours -

Monday Wednesday Friday – 8.30-12.00

Tuesday Thursday – 14.30-16.30

Transferring to higher years/ getting courses recognized

If you have already completed a University degree/ course, you may be able to get it recognized, so that you will not have to repeat the same course in IMS. In this way you may be exempted from certain exams, and provided that you satisfy the general guidelines needed to pass from one year to another, you may be able to skip an year.

IMS has a general rule that in order for courses to be recognized you need to have completed them at your previous university in English. If you have not studied them in English, you will not be able to get them recognized and you will therefore have to enter the first year.

If you have studied the said degree course in English, you will need the following documents.

1) Official syllabus from your previous university.
2) Official transcript of grades issued by the university.

Always make sure to keep the originals with yourself. Make photocopies of the originals, get it signed by a lawyer, legalized and apostilled, translated into Italian and then signed by the embassy of the country where you did the degree in.

( You should follow the same process that you must do in order to get your high school diploma recognized, written under the enrollment section).

It is best you make 2 copies of said documents each and take one to the Foreign students office ( studentistranieri) and another to our course secretary, Dr. Anja Berger.

( If you take the syllabus and transcript to our course secretary she will be able to give you a good estimate as to whether your degree/ course will be recognized or not and whether you will be able to skip an year or not).

After this, simply email the course secretary once every couple of days to ensure your course recognition is on track.

Approximately 1-2 months after you hand in said documents, there will be a committee which would evaluate your previous course/ degree. They will compare your syllabus with the syllabus used in IMS, and see how your grades compare with our grading system. After this, if the syllabus you provided tallies upto 60% with the syllabus used in IMS, you will be exempt from taking said exam.

( make sure to really be on top of things by emailing/ visiting the responsible every couple of days so that your request gets processed as soon as possible.)

Paying tasse

You will have to pay 1200 euros if you come from a developed country and 600 euros if you come from a developed country.

Check the official lists of developing and developed countries to see how much you pay.

You can also get fee reductions based on your Isee. If you won't have your Isee before the deadline for paying your tuition fees, you may go to the general medical secretary and explain you may situation after which you will be required to pay 300 euros before the deadline, and the rest afterwards. If your Isee entitles you to paying less than 300 euros, you will receive an appropriate refund.

If you are an Italian Student you will need

Matriculation form.
3 passport sized photographs.
Copy of id
Copy of receipt of payment

Once you enroll, they will give you documents about necessary vaccinations. You need to show that you are protected against Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B. For the Tuberculosis Mantoux exam, you can take this at the Infectious diseases department at Policlinico. The test for Hepatitis B can be taken at any clinic. You will then need to post these results to an address which will be specified.


You will need to fill out a form that Is on the sapienza website declaring family income and assets you had during the previous calander year. Make sure to convert your income to euros before filling the form.You will then need to get it certified by your embassy. After this you could take this form to the hello office along with your passport and codice fiscale and they will help you with the rest.

Sapienza student card.

During this year, our course secretary will collect passport sized photographs from your class, and create student cards. This will enable you to take advantage of special discounts and other deals, both within university and inside Rome.


Sapienza students are entitled to discounted tickets at “Cinema di Roma”
theatres. Students pay €5 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and
films shown in 3D). The discount is available in the following theatres:

Barberini - Piazza Barberini 24, 25, 26
Ciak - via Cassia 692
Lux - via Massaciuccoli 39
Odeon - Piazza Jacini, 22
Alhambra - via Pier delle Vigne, 4• Tibur - via degli Etruschi, 36
Students must prove they are enrolled at Sapienza by showing a receipt of
their paid tuition fees as well as photo ID.
For further information, please contact:
Tel. 06 8639 1361
Sapienza students are also entitled to discounted tickets at any Mediaport
Cinema theatre. Students pay €4 at the following locations:
Mondays to Fridays at:
Empire – Viale Regina Margherita, 29 – tel. 06 841 7719
Royal – Viale Emanuele Filiberto, 175 – tel. 06 7047 4549
Broadway – Via dei Narcisi, 26 – tel. 06 230 3408
Admiral – Piazza Verbano, 5 – tel. 06 854 1195
Ambassade – Via Accademia degli Agiati, 57/59 – tel. 06 540 8901
Reale – Piazza Sidney Sonnino, 7 – tel. 06 581 0234
Gregory – Via Gregorio VII, 180 – tel. 06 638 0600
Roma – Piazza Sidney Sonnino, 37 – tel. 06 581 2884
Sala Troisi – Via Girolamo Induno, 1 – tel. 06 581 2495
Tuesdays at:
Adriano – Piazza Cavour, 22B – tel. 06 3600 4988
Atlantic – Via Tuscolana, 745 – tel. 06 761 0656
(Excluding public holidays and films shown in 3D)

You must present your student ID card in order to be eligible for the reduced fee.

Some cinemas will occasionally screen movies in english. These include,

The metropolitan on Via del Corso.
Warner village Moderno/Medusa – Repubblica.
Cinema America, Via Natale Del Grande 6

During the summer there will also be outdoor film showings in Isola Tiberina and Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele.

Campus Internet

You can use the campus Wifi by selecting Sapienza from the available wireless networks.

When you open your internet browser you will have to register for it with your matricola number and infostud password.

Spots with good signal – Physiology library, Biochemistry Library, Benches in front of the C1 classroom.


Almost each faculty will have their own library and as a spaienza student you will have access to all libraries, with the provision of a photo ID and student ID card.

You can access sapienza's online library at

Mensa and the cafeterias

Sapienza has 3 cafeterias and a mensa.

The main cafeteria is the one close to the viale regina elena entrance. In addition theres 2 others; 1 close to the aldo morro entrance, and another close to the entrance at viale delle universita.

Mensa – you can receive lunch and dinner from the mensa by providing your mensa card. You will pay based on your family income if you decide to declare It, or by paying 8 euros per meal.

You can get the mensa card from the building where the mensa is located by providing proof of income converted to euros.

Address and opening hours–
Via cesare del lollis 22
Monday to Friday 11.45-15.00 and 18.45-21.00
Saturday 11.45-3.00

Ciao and Hello offices

They are information and orientation services dedicated to students who wish to study at Sapienza. The office is run by both staff and students, including international students.

Ciao office is for Italian students, where Italian is the main language of communication. Hello office on the other hand is for International students, where all staff members speak English as well other foreign languages.

Main Office:
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Palazzo delle segreterie, Stairwell A, 4th floor
Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 to 12:00 am;
Tuesday and Thursday from 14:30 to 16:30
Tel. (+39) 06 4991 2794 F (+39) 06 4991 2748

Special needs students

The office for student disability services is,

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma (Colonnade of Rector’s Building)
Toll-free number: 800 410 960 (also free when calling from a mobile number)
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm

Here students can do the following

1) Report difficulties or particular needs;
2) Receive information on available services;
3) Make suggestions;
4) Ask the Office to handle administrative procedures on their behalf: for
example, enrolment, course or faculty transfers, assistance during
exams, getting books from university libraries and much more.

Student assistant programme – this programme provides disabled
students who request assistance with a student assistant whose main
aim is to eliminate or reduce the obstacles that disabled students may
face. Student assistants can provide the following services: help in the
classroom by taking notes and interacting with staff, help moving from
one university building to another, help with independent study,
bibliographical research, information technology and in any other
situation in which a disabled student may need assistance on campus.
• Available aid,

* Digital texts for vision-impaired students (mp3 or txt) and Braille;
* Remote controls for electronic gates at various entrances to the University campus;
* Funds (allocated by competition) to students with a motor or
sensory disability to purchase personalised aides/equipment;
* Information technology aides, such as multimedia workstations
with speech synthesis, Braille display, software for text
enlargement, video enlargement, scanner, audio book and Braille
* LIS (Italian Sign Language) service for hearing-impaired
* Sitting exams with special technical aides;
* Brief accompaniments inside the university campus;
* Taxi vouchers (allocated by competition) to allow students with a
motor or visual impairment to attend lessons;
* Academic support via Internet;
* Exemption from tuition fees (in certain cases).
* Awards for students who make a solid contribution to the study
of disability through their research and theses;
* Travel to study abroad with the ERASMUS Programme to offer
opportunities, information, training and comparison with
different cultural models.
In order to benefit from the many services offered, students must register
directly with the Disability Services Office.

POPS Psychosocial Orientation and Promotion for Disabled Students
This service offers support to disabled university students to:

• Develop an increased awareness of one’s personal capabilities through
• Strengthen personal motivation by identifying one’s personal choices
and educational aims;
• Promote active participation in the selected course of studies and in the
social aspects of university life by encouraging students with
disabilities to interact with academic staff and fellow students;• Promote student independence in various contexts;
• Develop each student’s personal study method and encourage an
increased awareness of individual personal resources.

The service provides student assistance both through individual interviews
and group counselling.

Students can find more

GIAS – This is a disability workshop that organises informal meetings, seminars
and conferences aimed at increasing student awareness on the issues
surrounding disability, whilst also giving students the opportunity to meet
and socialise.

GIAS is managed by qualified specialist staff and uses equipment designed
for students with motor and sensory disabilities. Staff members include
experts in art fruition, study methods for the visually impaired, life and
independence coaching, distance learning and in the development and
experimentation of aides for use by people with a motor disability. Students
who wish to learn more about GIAS should contact the Disability Services
Office. The Office will then refer the student to the best-suited staff member
for further expert assistance.

Address for both POPS and GIAS.
Via Cesare De Lollis, 20 00185 Roma;
Office hours: Tuesday 10 am -1 pm; Thursday 4 – 7 pm
Laziodisu services

Laziodisu offers various services for disabled students with an impairment
recognised as being equal to or greater than 66%. These include:
• Economic assistance to purchase specialised equipment or ad hoc
academic material;
36• Assistants to accompany the disabled student to class, use other
university services and encourage disabled student attendance;
• Disabled students living in Laziodisu Student Residencies without their
families, can request an assistant for other activities conducted outside
of the university campus: i.e., for help using sporting facilities, medical
appointments and physiotherapy or other personal needs. This service
is free.
• Transport service to drive students with a disability to the university
and home again with appropriately equipped automobiles. This service
is available at a reduced rate.
• Personal assistance: this service is only available to disabled students
who reside in the Laziodisu Student Residency at Via Cesare De Lollis
20. Both male and female assistants are available in the residency 24
hours a day to assist the students with personal hygiene, domestic
chores and other personal needs at a reduced rate.


The CUS (Centro Universitario Sportivo) is Sapienza’s sporting centre. It has
several locations.

At Piazzale Verano, near the main campus, CUS runs a gym where
students can take courses in martial arts, dance, yoga, pilates, aerobics
and other team sports.

At Tor di Quinto, in Rome’s northern suburbs, CUS has a swimming
pool, football grounds and playing fields suitable for practising other

In Anzio, the Tevere Royal Rowing Club offers sailing courses, outdoor
training and inter-university sailing competitions.

The “One Thousand and One Sails” Project allows groups of students
to design, build and race 4.6 meter long skiffs with guidance from
qualified instructors. Visit:

Membership at CUS is open to all students for 100 euros per annum. In
order to apply for membership, students must present a medical certificate
attesting the student’s ability to participate in sporting activities, proof of
enrolment (paid tuition fees), a photo ID and annual membership fees to the
CUS Office. For more information, please visit

Psychological Counselling centre

The Psychological Counselling centre is designed to accommodate and
provide support to students who feel they have personal and relational
difficulties that make their university plans and dreams seem overwhelming.
The service is free and located close to the University on Via de Lollis 23/B.
The team consists of psychologists and psychotherapists with experience in
working with young people. The psychological Counselling Centre was set
up by the Centre for Research in Clinical Psychology.

Open: Monday 9 am - 2 pm, Tuesday 2 - 7 pm, Wednesday/Thursday 9 am - 7
Tel: 06/4970 7662

In addition there are 2 other counselling services


Student Counseling Service “FATTI VIVO!” is the place to turn if you feel
blocked and you’re not managing to make any progress in your studies, if
you’ve lost all desire to go to lessons, do sports or go out with friends.

The Psychotherapy Clinic (UOD Psychotherapies)
Villa Tiburtina - Via Casal dei Pazzi, 16 Roma
T (+39) 06 4080 0589; T (+39) 06 4080 2390; F (+39) 06 407 0447
For further information:
This service is free.

“Dacci un segno! .. possiamo darti una mano!”

The service provides free support to all students enrolled into Sapienza,
including those on a Socrates/Erasmus Programme. Students are given the
opportunity to identify and express the difficulties surrounding a university
study career. The service has a space for listening, confrontation, clarification
and resolution of emotional issues that are the source of discomfort. The
service provides students with four free interviews, each lasting one hour.
The interviews are held weekly. There is a fifth follow-up interview six
months later. At the end of the 4th meeting, the student and counsellor
determine whether there is any need for a referral to a professional clinic.

For booking information:
Go to the SORT desk, Room 125 - Level 3
Azienda Ospedaliera Sant’Andrea
Open: Monday to Friday from 10 am – 3 pm
Write to:
Or call: 06 3377 5383.
Appointments required
Interview office: Azienda Ospedaliera Sant’Andrea
Facebook: Dacci un segno! Possiamo darti una mano ... seling.htm

UNITAB – Anti Smoking Awareness Office.
UNITAB offers students and teachers of Sapienza free information on the
effects of smoking. If you want to quit this is the place to go. It is possible to
make individual appointments or attend group meetings, as well asparticipate in seminars and conferences on specific themes related to the
addiction to smoking.

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma
Institute of Hygiene (Sanarelli Building)
Department of Public Health and Infective Diseases
Representative: Maria Sofia Cattaruzza

Gong – Nutritional and Gastronomic Education

GONG provides nutritional guidance for young people. It is a service that
Sapienza offers free of charge to all students to teach them how to maintain a
healthy diet.

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma
Sanarelli Building - Department of Science and Public Health
Tel. (+39) 06 4991 4669
Representative: Anna Maria Patti

University Chapel

It offers extra-curricular courses and opportunities to discuss important themes regarding human existence with particular attention to the search for the meaning of life. The university chapel community pursues, as per the gospels, an integration of spirituality in into one’s studies and extra curricular activities, both ethically and

The Chapel’s programme and information regarding the various initiatives
mentioned above is communicated through brochures, email and on the
website: A periodical newsletter, available on
campus and on request by email ( contains information
on current activities.

Photocopying Services.

There is a photocopying centre on the main campus and one at the Villa
Mirafiori campus. You can take advantage of the very
competitive prices provided by these photocopying and printing services.

University Photocopying Centre
Via del Castro Laurenziano, 9
Faculty of Economics building
Tel. (+39) 06 4976 6901
Open: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
Photocopying Centre - Mirafiori
Faculty of Arts building
Tel. (+39) 06 4991 3042
Open: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Alternatively you will also find many photocopying services in Via Borelli, Viale Ippocrate, and Viale delle provincie at very competetive prices ( Look for Fotocopie)

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