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This is Sapienza's main instrument for managing administrative procedures for students. You can use it to book exams and print out taxes ( university tuition fees). You can also print out various certificates and documents with the university's digital stamp of certification.

You can access it using your matriculation number and a password that you would have specified during registration.

At the top, above the coloured boxes you will notice the following list of terms

1) Bolletini. - This is used to print out your university taxes.
2) Certificati – You will not need to use this until after you graduate. Using this, you may print a certification of your degree, that you may use to apply for jobs.
3) Ricerca Appelli – Reservation of exams.
4) Esami Prenotati – Will show the exams that you have booked.
5) Esami Registrati – Will show the exams that you need to do.
6) Statistiche – Will show the total number of credits and the total number of exams you have done as well as the score you obtained for each.

*Reserving exams

1.Click on "Ricerca Appelli" at the bottom of the menu

2. Click on the exam you want to register to

4. Select the desired date and click on "Prenota" (EN: Reserve"). Please note that you are allowed to register within a specific time span: "Iniz. pren." stands for "Reversations start" and "Fine pren." stands for "Reservations end" and you must adhere to the given dates.

5. If it is the first time you register for that specific exam, you will be required to complete the questionnaire that is mandatory. This is done so that your professor has feedback regarding the course and all your answers will be completely anonymous. Once you are done with this stage, you must go back to infostud and follow the same exact procedure again before your reservation is complete.

6. Print your exam reservation and bring it on the day of the exam, together with your ID! (A Passport is considered a valid ID, but Codice Fiscale isn't!)

There are two additional things you should know:

First, you CANNOT register in this way for Esoneri (e.g. Biology and Genetics I or Human Anatomy I).

In fact, the registration for Human Anatomy I is performed in person, on the same day of the exam (in the morning, around 8-9am, at the Institute of Human Anatomy, located in Via Borelli). For all the other Esoneri, you should ask your professor regarding the procedure. You may just need to send an email, register on e-learning or you may not need to register at all.

The second important thing you should keep in mind is: should you not be allowed to register fo an exam (because it is too late, for example), do not despair, just send an email to your Professor and show up for the exam!

* Payment of taxes.

Click on Bollettini.

If you click on Bollettini Pagati you will find all the payments you have already paid to the university and you may reprint them from here.

If you click on Bollettini Generati you can find the payments that you will be required to do, per semester.

The regulations regarding the payment of taxes for foreign students are as follows; You will pay a flat rate of 1200 euros if you come from a developed country and 600 euros if you come from a developing country.

Two seperate lists are published and your rate is determined by the status of your country of origin. This is automatically updated on your infostud so you may simply print the relevant page to pay. If you are unsure about what to print, you could ask hello office to print it for you.

After getting your bollettino you could take it personally to unicredit or alternatively, pay online. After a couple of days you will be notified by email saying that they have updated your infostud and you will see this payment recorded in the bollettini pagati section.

* Statistiche

This area of infostud will show all the exams you have taken already, your progress throughout the course, and also the differnece between your arithmatic average and your weighted average ( m.ponderata).

Arithmatic average = The numerical score you obtained in exams.

Weighted average = Each subject score will be multiplied by the credits assigned to it. This value for all the exams will be added up and then divided by the number of exams that you have taken.

You also have the option of entering virtual exams ( ie – exams you will have to do in the near future). You can choose the virtual exam and enter the score that you think you will get for it and see how it will impact your average.

The coloured boxes

The coloured boxes you see on infostud will be largely irrelevant for this course. The only box that will be of remote relevance will be the last one ( esami di stato). This is related to your thesis which you will do in the 6th year.


E-learning can be accessed at http//

In order to access our course you must go through Facolta e corsi ---> Farmacia e Medicina ---> Area Medica ---> Lauree Magistrali a ciclo unico in Medicina e Chirurgia ---> Corso di Laurea “F” - International Medical School.

Here you may access our official student guide, timetables, exam calanders etc.

By logging in you can also download materials related to your lessons.

Change language settings to inglese if you are not familiar with Italian yet.

Follow the instructions that are detailed in order to create your account and log-in. When creating your account you will have to use the same username and password that you would have used for infostud.

Once you have logged in you should be able to view all courses you have signed up for under I miei corsi.

In order to enrol to a course run by one of your professors click on tutti I corsi ( all courses) on the right hand side ---> Area Medica ---> Lauree Magistrali a Ciclo Unico in Medicina e Chirurgia ---> Corsi di Laurea “F” -International Medical School ---> First year first semester ( or semester that your course belongs to) ---> Click on the course ---> Click on Iscrivemi ( enrol me) option.

You will then receive an email to your student email address, stating that you have been enrolled to the course and you can thereafter download lessons.

Note – Some professors will not put up their lessons on e-learning. Some of them will prefer to give the material to a class representative after which you should share it amongst yourself. A few of them will upload their lessons on our student forum, and others will not provide you with the slides at all due to copyright reasons associated with some of their slides.

Depending on your professor, you may also be required to sign up for Esoneri via E-learning.

Student Email

Once you have paid your taxes, you will be given a student email address. You will receive some communications by your professors, information about university offers and events to this email.

It will contain the following structure.

Cognome – Your surname.
Matricola – Matriculation number you would have received once you registered on infostud.

To access your student email, you must go on the email studenti page present on the sapienza website --->click on the Google apps login on the right side ---> choose an account ---> Type in the email relevant to you using the structure above---> Gain access by providing matricola number and password used on infostud.

Student Forum

The student forum is available only to IMS students of all years and is the online IMS community.

By following the steps below you can access a section titled students which will open up a section with recommended textbooks and previous exam questions.

The steps you need in order to register as a student are,

1) Register on the forum as a standard user. Follow the instructions on ucp/php?mode=register

2) Use your email address to send an email to Explain in your email that your one of the new students and indicate your a Name/Nickname that you would like to use.

Your account will be activated manually, so it may take a couple of hours for your account to be upgraded.

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