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Accomodation: find the right one

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Accomodation: find the right one

Postby EdoardoTB » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:54 am

Rome is plenty of rooms and apartments on rent. If you are currently outside Rome, you may want to start your search on the Internet:

or you may also want to refer to estate agents, in order to be assisted step by step.

Near La Sapienza and all around the city center, prices usually range from 350 to 650 euros/month for a single room. However, in the periphery, you also get a whole apartment at the same price. The final price is determined by several factors, primarily by the location of the apartment, the number of rooms/toilets and other facilities (e.g. air conditioning). Moreover, monthly expenses vary greatly if you rent a single room (usually 20-40 euros/month) or an entire flat (you pay additional taxes).

Choosing the right area in Rome is critical. In fact, since you're probably gonna rely exclusively on public transports, make sure it is well connected with the University. Take a look at: for all the available connections.

Moreover, here's a list of public transports in order of reliability (from best to worst):

1) Underground. It is efficient, frequent, but also crowded. Very few days a year, some underground stations may be closed for technical problems or very bad weather conditions.
2) Frequent buses.
3) Trams. They are convenient, frequent and mostly on time, but sometimes a car accident along the railway may block the entire circulation for hours (buses do not have this problem).
4) Trains and infrequent buses. The only options for the periphery.

Recommended areas are:

- Trieste/Parioli: 10-30 minutes by tram, northern to La Sapienza. Lots of students, mostly from LUISS University. (highly recommended if you are a runner/street workout athelete, for its huge parks)
- Bologna/Tiburtina: 5-25 minutes on foot, eastern to La Sapienza. Lots of students, mostly from our University.
- Many others throughout the city.

Two last tips: avoid San Lorenzo area (a small quarter located just southern to the University and eastern to Termini station, well-known for drug trade) and do not choose an accommodation which is more than 40-50 minutes far from the Uni.

If you have questions, just reply to this topic.
Edoardo, 4th medical student (now spending my 4th year abroad!)

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Re: Accomodation: find the right one

Postby EdoardoTB » Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:48 pm

Well, there are not lots of Uni campuses, and most of them are dedicated to those with low incomes. But I admit I am not very informed on this topic, so I would invite you to make a deeper search on the Internet.

Sharing a flat is definitely ok. The only problem with that is: you need to be lucky with your flatmates. In fact, when it comes to living together, politeness and respect are essential. If you are planning to errange things from abroad, you may talk with them on Skype.

As far as other info, the above message tells you the most important things I guess.
Edoardo, 4th medical student (now spending my 4th year abroad!)

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