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7th May 2015

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7th May 2015

Postby EdoardoTB » Thu May 07, 2015 8:44 am

Dear friends,

the website (Pavia's students website) has just published the following news:

Every year before the online enrollment to the IMAT exam takes place, the student must contact the closest Italian Culture Institute (See ICI in UK, USA, Israel, India) or the Italian Embassy in order to perform the "pre-enrollment" for IMAT. This should be done until July 10th.

During this "Pre-enrollment" procedure you will be asked to prepare some documents that will be needed to obtain a "Dichiarazione di Valore" (high school diploma equivalence confirmation) and a student visa (for non-EU). You will get all the info from the Insitute or the Embassy, because it is country-specific.


We kindly ask you not to reply to this message by e-mail. In fact, the main purpose of our forum is that of sharing questions and answers with the whole community. This is why we are NOT answering privately by email. Thank you for your patience.

Moreover, you got this message from the website because you subscribed to our newsletter. You may want to unsubscribe here: funcs/mailing_list/subscribe.php by re-inserting your e-mail address.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon on the forum,
Kind regards,
Edoardo Trovato,
3rd year medical student at La Sapienza International Medical School, Rome
Edoardo, 4th medical student (now spending my 4th year abroad!)

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