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IMAT 2013: results

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IMAT 2013: results

Postby admin » Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:33 pm

Test scores have been published on 1st May 2013 at the following address: ... d=1&cdl=IM

If the link above shouldn't work, you can have a look to the stats of the first 500 candidates from the following files:

(78.5 KiB) Downloaded 874 times

(78.63 KiB) Downloaded 507 times

(78.67 KiB) Downloaded 454 times

(78.72 KiB) Downloaded 450 times

(78.66 KiB) Downloaded 506 times

A total of 5805 candidates for a total of 194 (EU) + 96 (extra-EU) places offered by 6 english medical courses throughout Italy*

*of which 35 EU + 10 non-EU places at La Sapienza, University of Rome.
For any issue or suggestion, you may contact the administrator at the following e-mail address:

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